APR Coin Workspace with Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet
01. Welcome

100% Decentralized P2P
Masternode Currency
Adopted Globally

APR Coin is a decentralized currency in all senses of the word, as it is run on hundreds of active Masternodes held by APR owners globally and not by any one party.

Through the use of substantial, yet sustainable, POS block rewards, APR Coin ensures that the sole focus of the Masternode currency is to reward those who hold the coin long term. One simply has to leave their APR Coin Desktop Wallet application open and staking block rewards will accrue.

The currency is being actively adopted and accepted as a payment method by retail and service businesses worldwide. In addition to that, it is also widely traded by auto trading bots like bitcoin Gemini. But it is advisable to do the bitcoin gemini test 2022 to further verify the credibility of the platform. Through the hard work of active community members, APR Coin’s global reach sees continual growth.

02. Benefits

APR Coin Benefits


Secure Connectivity Across the Globe


Instant, On-Demand Transactions


Real-time Traceability of Funds


Highly Engaged and Motivated Users
03. Coin Specifications

Block Rewards

Global adoption and usage is key in the longterm evolution of cryptocurrencies as a whole. APR Coin is an easy-to-use and sustainable currency. APR Coin's block time is 10x faster than that of parent coin Bitcoin. Applications like the APR Mobile Wallet allow new users to crypto the ability to send and receive APR Coin instantaneously and securely.

Algorithm Quark
Mining Proof of Stake (POS)
Block Time 60 Seconds
Total Max Supply 25,000,000 APR
Masternode Collateral 3,000 APR
Block Rewards 70% Masternodes / 30% POS
Maturity 30 Minutes
Max Supply 100+ Years
04. Exchanges and Network

Growing Global

APR Coin is rapidly gaining adoption among the crypto community. Many businesses and exchanges around the world have adopted the currency already. These exchanges provide users the means to purchase and sell APR. In the ever-changing crypto landscape, savvy investors may want to explore promising new cryptocurrency to invest in 2024 to stay ahead of the evolving trends. But APR Coin stands out as a promising investment option for those looking to explore the potential of cryptocurrencies in the coming year.