01. Desktop

Desktop Wallet

PLEASE NOTE: The rollback fork of the blockchain and accompanying Version 3 wallet update is complete. If you do not use the latest Version 3 wallet, you will be on the incorrect chain and will not be able to transact with Exchanges, Staking Services or other users. The team, community and exchanges are not responsible for your lost coins if you send/receive to or from the incorrect wallet versions.

Since the wallets will be connecting to a new blockchain please follow these steps:

    • Backup your existing wallet.dat file
    • Make sure everything else relating to the old wallet is deleted
    • Install the new version 3 wallet for your operating system
    • Sync from block 0 to 100%
    • Only replace the wallet.dat file with your backup after you have synced 100% from block 0

If you had a masternode enabled on the previous wallet versions, you must setup those masternodes fresh in the new wallets. The Port to be used is 3134.

If you had masternodes setup using XeZZ’s scripts, a new setup script will be created and must be used.

When using the “getinfo” command in the Debug Console, please make sure the version of the wallet is 3 and the protocol is 70914.

Use the following checkpoint in the Debug Console to ensure that your wallet is on the correct chain:
getblockhash 319000

The Correct Output for this command is:

If your blockhash output matches, you are on the correct chain.

Windows Version 3

The latest version of the official Windows wallet allows seamless transactions and POS block reward staking. Click “Download” below.


MacOS Version 3

Enjoy streamlined transactions, simple POS block reward staking and Masternode functionalities in this Apple Mac OS QT Wallet.


Linux Version 3

The latest version of the Linux QT APR Coin wallet works identically to the Windows, Mac OS X and Mac OS X High Sierra versions with available cold storage masternode setup scripts.

02. Mobile

Mobile Wallet


The APR Mobile Wallet app allows you to securely and instantly send, receive and store APR Coin.



Flits App allows you to securely send and receive APR as well as host APR MN on Android and iOS.

03. Cold Storage

Paper Wallet

Official Version

The APR Paper Wallet was created by community member CryptoRyphe to help users store APR on cold storage.